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Forge Europa is the clever company behind clever light solutions for any and all applications.

We are a child of the 90s, born when Manchester United won their first top flight title in 26 years, Pete Sampras and Stefi Graf reigned Wimbledon and Eric Clapton, Madonna and Nirvana were rocking the charts.

Even in our infancy the core of our business had been innovation and custom – delivering you the very best solution. As LED technology has developed so have we, we have more people, more knowledge, more technology and more expertise than ever before. One thing that won’t be changing though is the way we do business. It’s still all about you, your product and being your best kept secret. The friendly service, advice and quality is all thrown in for free.

So what are you waiting for? Work with our brilliant team and let us deliver an innovative, clever light solution – be it custom or standard- to enhance your product today.