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Product Benchmarking

Test and measure your existing luminaries

  • Establish key performance data
  • Extensive lab facilities include near-field goniophotometer, integrating spheres, spectrometers, power analysers, thermal imaging, EMC etc.
  • Outputs include IES / Eulumdat data, thermal / electrical reports etc.

Concept Design

Developing LED concepts for you

  • Convert performance specifications into design concepts
  • Covering electronic, mechanic, optical and thermal engineering
  • Shared application experience
  • Outline optimum design for review

LED Selection

The right LED for your application

  • Access to global unrestricted LED portfolio
  • Extensive experience in LED technology and selection
  • Long established Cree Solutions Provider

Rapid Prototyping

Initial prototypes within days!

  • Develop robust proof-of-principle prototypes
  • Engineered in-house for super quick turnaround
  • Support validating product design


Full design for manufacture

  • Electronics – LED drivers, switched mode power supplies
  • Optics – LED lens and reflector design
  • Mechanics – 2D/3D CAD, PCB design, plastic parts
  • Thermal – heatsink design and analysis

Life Testing

Projecting the life of your product

  • Climate controlled long-term test facility
  • Regular testing
  • Characterise light output changes

Photometric Testing

Measure your LED light output

  • Compare your LED design with initial benchmarking
  • Characterise design specification
  • Create IES/Eulumdat data, thermal/electrical reports
  • Support product launch and marketing messages

Engineering & Cost Review

Meeting your brief – the best solution at the best price

  • Projects continually reviewed
  • Value engineering – cost engineered out
  • On time and within budget

Production Prototyping

Manufacture, test and review pilot prototypes

  • Rapid turn around pilot manufacturing
  • Final design verification
  • Smooth transition to volume manufacture

Volume Manufacture

Manufacturing your product

  • Extensive volume manufacturing capability ranging from simple LED light engines to complete luminaires
  • Manufacturing in both UK and Asia, quality accredited to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001
  • Capability includes SMD assembly, cable looming, injection moulding, extrusion, die casting, luminaire build, burn-in qualification testing