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Get a Forge solution in 2017

2nd January 2017

get a forge led solution in 2017

If you are a manufacturer or brand looking to develop and improve your lighting range in 2017 then you should consider talking to Forge.

For over 24 years Forge has been a company that works at the cutting edge, delivering products that work. In this era of ‘smart’ devices we understand that it isn’t exclusively about packaging the latest lighting technology, it is about delivering solutions that solve problems and make life easier for both consumers and manufacturers alike.

If you are looking to create a new product or refresh an existing design then why not initially take a look at our range of standard solutions including LED light engines, flexible LED strips and 50mm diameter LED downlight modules? These products offer the basis to quickly and cost-effectively deliver a lighting solution, and can be used as a template to create a semi-custom product if you have a more specific requirement.

We understand however that sometimes a standard solution just doesn’t fit the bill and we are more than ready to accept the challenge to develop something entirely unique just for you. Our core capabilities extend across a whole range of engineering disciplines including mechanical, optical, thermal and electronic design, and we have the ability to put all of our designs into volume manufacture.

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