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LED light engines offer a simple and reliable solution for:
– linear fluorescent applications
– bulkhead luminaires
– square and rectangular fittings

Accommodating an array of needs, light engines are available in three levels, catering to all budgets and light requirements.



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Download our LED Light Engines brochure now


Linear solutions


Available in 3 sizes the linear range is ideal for T8/T5 fluorescent replacements.

280mm x 55mm – up to 1749lm

asset-192x asset-202x asset-212x


280mm x 24mm – up to 1908lm

asset-192x asset-202x asset-212x

 560mm x 24mm – up to 1961lm

asset-192x asset-202x asset-212x

Round solutions


Available in 2 sizes our round solutions are ideal for wall and ceiling bulkhead fittings

200mm Diameter – up to 5247lm

asset-192x asset-202x asset-212x

315mm Diameter – up to 4235lm

asset-192x asset-202x asset-212x

Octagonal solution


With optional emergency circuit the octagonal solution is ideal for ceiling and wall-mounted luminaires

193.5mm x 191mm – up to 1846lm

asset-192x asset-202x asset-212x

Wide area solutions


Wide area solutions are ideal for a variety of fixtures including ceiling troffers and low-bay lighting.

380mm x 380mm Tile – up to 6927lm

asset-192x asset-202x asset-212x

270mm x 270mm Finger – up to 1365lm

asset-192x asset-202x asset-212x

Wondering if there’s an alternative to an off-the-shelf standard LED light engine? Take a look at our choice concept and see how you can get your hands on a completely custom solution – just for you.