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We combine our knowledge, expertise and LED technology with your requirements to create a completely custom solution.

We don’t believe in making do, and you shouldn’t either. When you consider the choice range you will get a solution
completely optimised for you – this isn’t about just adding more LEDs.

We consider power, temperature, flux, current, LED type, voltage and, that all-important, cost target. With application information from you we’re ready to go.


















Customise, don’t compromise! Take a look at just a few ways you can start to consider a custom solution.


With over 23 years in the business we know what we’re talking about, and are ideally placed to help you create your very own customised light engine.

Talk to our friendly sales team and tell them exactly what you want. We’ll then involve our clever engineers to get down to designing. Once you’re happy you have something unique and completely fit for your purpose, we’ll push the button on volume production.

Product enhancement really is this easy.

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