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We combine our knowledge, expertise and LED technology with your requirements to create a completely custom solution.

We don’t believe in making do, and you shouldn’t either. When you consider
customisation you will get a solution
completely optimised for you.

Colour temperature, tight binning control and CRI requirements are not something to compromise on. 2700K with 2 step binning in CRI >90 is entirely possible.

Creating impressive lighting takes work – the good news is, we do the work for you.

No solution, whether standard or custom, is complete without some accessorising.

Decorative bezels


Decorative bezels, available in; white, silver or brushed metal, add  some serious style.

With IP20 or IP65 ratings the bezel also gives added protection – should your application need it.


Beam shaping bezels

With the ability to select your beam shape your solution becomes 100% unique and even more adaptable.

shape-the-beam beam-shape


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