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With the benefit of over two decades of manufacturing LED displays our knowledge and understanding of the complexities of LED display design and manufacture is second to none. Our vast knowledge enables you to benefit from high performance, highly reliable, custom LED displays – whatever your industry sector. We consider reflector moulding, PCB design, pin design, chip selection, screen printing, bin coding, packing and mass production for applications from gaming, instrumentation, coach and bus to traffic and highways and passenger information.

Interlocking SSD

Multiple sized seven segment displays mounted onto specific PCB assemblies cost gaming manufacturers significant amounts of cash in WIP.

We developed an interlocking single digit to interlock across all sizes reducing the need for excessive stock and aiding ease of assembly and increasing flexibility.


  • Reduce stock of WIP
  • Reduce cost PCB assembly
  • Simplify installation
  •  Increase colour and size options


  • Consistent approach across all sizes
  • Powered from industry standard power packs
  • Must enable multi digit applications


  • A unique single digit interlocking moulding with a standard   dove tail interconnect across all sizes.
  • Square pin out arrangement to accept industry standard IDC   connectors, consistent across all sizes.
  • Integral mechanical fixing for mounting to cabinets
  • High performance LED die in many colour options